the lowdown



Homepride Flour is a much loved heritage brand with a history going back 50 years.

Our challenge was how to bring brand icon Fred the flour grader back to life using social media.

After building a solid network of baking enthusiasts and Fred fans, we quickly learnt what made our followers tick:

recipes - they are all keen scratch bakers
nostalgia - they love Fred
competitions - not necessarily big prizes, but always fun to take part in

the result

What did we achieve in a 12-month campaign?

At the start Fred had an existing Facebook page with 44 likes, 0% engagement and no posts for over a year, and no Twitter presence.

Within 12 months:


Over 2,000 likes with a consistent engagement rate of 8-15% (showing how many people are actively involved with a Facebook page; typically, brand pages average 0.2%).


Over 2,400 followers. Twitter has become Fred's voice. Our campaign brought the brand back into the community of mainstream bakers - Homepride's target market.