the lowdown

forget fads: flourishing food trends that are here to stay

on the up

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the almost stratospheric rise of the free-from food market, which grew 61% to £342m in the five years to 2013, and was forecast by Mintel to reach £561m by 2017. But, there are other health food and drink trends on the horizon, ones that focus more on what’s kept in our food rather that what’s left out of it. We’ve been working with our longstanding retail client Planet Organic on new ranges that excitingly tap into some of these ideas: paleo diets, cold-pressed juicing and raw food.

As ever, the Americans got there first, and all three trends have done their growing up across the pond. From very niche, hippy roots, these ways of eating have matured to adolescents, ready to go out into the world and flourish. And so, we see them here in the UK, having a growth spurt that is likely to endure. The emphasis is on providing food that works with our bodies in a natural, holistic way, and gives us what we need to be live strong, vital and healthy lives.

in a nutshell

Paleo - or paleolithic [i.e. caveman] - involves eating food that we would have eaten 10,000 years ago, just as nature intended. This means meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds are in, and everything else is out. Cold-pressed juices are fruit and vegetable juices that are made with high-pressure processing, squashed between two metal plates, meaning that no heat is involved and the resulting juice retains its nutrients, colour and taste. Raw food is anything that is uncooked or has been exposed to temperatures of 42ºC or less, again, retaining nutrients that are killed off by heat.

forget fads

With holistic lifestyles becoming increasingly mainstream - think the growth of meditation, exercise regimes that look after mind as well as body, the backlash against processed foods and sugar and the ever-increasing importance of work/life balance - we think that far from being fads, these are new ways of eating and drinking that will inevitably become part of how bigger brands evolve their own products. And we have a few ideas about how that might work!