charity flying high with new identity

the task

In 2010 the British Disabled Flying Association was a charity working to change the lives of disabled people, enabling them to pilot flights themselves. However, it wasn’t just the name that was clumsy and functional; the entire visual identity failed to capture the aspiration and vision the charity offers by empowering anyone with a disability by introducing them to the gift of flight.

Our challenge was to develop a new name and identity which would couple the fundraising needs of the charity with the sense of achievement and reward felt by volunteers and supporters as well as end users and their carers.

the solution

The British Disabled Flying Association sounded more like a sports club than a charity, and - after much discussion - Aerobility was born.

The international symbol for disability was worked into the identity with the flying characters illustrating the sense of freedom the pilots feel. Gradually these two ‘flying men’ have become the shorthand icon for the brand, capturing the sentiment of the charity. Feedback from members, sponsors and supporters could not be more positive.

"The flying man is a masterstroke, an image to become synonymous with ourselves.”

In 2009 Aerobility was based in the club bar of a gliding club in Lasham, but by 2012 the charity had its own headquarters at Blackbushe Airfield. In 2012 Aerobility was chosen by LOGOC to perform the spectacular flypast at the opening of the London Paralympics.